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Corporate Health Management with Prevé

A unique disease prevention and management program that works effectively for both employee and employer.

Could your company benefit economically from a healthy, vibrant, and productive workforce? Could your employees benefit from affordable access to comprehensive tools to help prevent, reduce risk and manage or reverse disease? We would like to introduce you to Prevé, our comprehensive Disease Prevention and Management Program, designed specifically to meet the needs of both employer and employee.

The Statistics

Over 100 million Americans have been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome; a precursor to more serious health concerns such as diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease, stroke, and cognitive impairment, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, headaches, chronic pain, some cancers, and others. Oxidative stress and inflammation are associated with 7 of the top 10 causes of death worldwide. Endothelial damage and lipid abnormalities are predictive of cardiac disease.

The Need

Consumers, with proactive and preventive health interests have shown a strong and growing desire to understand their personal risks for disease. There is a need for early dectition of diseaseprogression that allows the best preventive steps for maintaining the most attainable standard of health.


Our complete solution incorporates advanced diagnostic testing to identify, track, and manage disease.


The Prevé Philosophy 

Most chronic diseases are detectable and may be best prevented years before they are conclusively diagnosed. The Prevé Corporate Disease Prevention and Management Program offers comprehensive and advanced diagnostic testing focused on early detection of chronic diseases, including the detection of risk markers and test result changes that predict future disease.  Our goal is to provide quality diagnostic lab measurements which are important to establish baseline test values. Accurate and understandable diagnostic lab tests are critical for preventative medical management, potential reduction of disease, and to ultimately improve health outcomes overall.  Employers deserve a quality, cost-effective plan with a true, value-added focus on prevention, expanded health awareness with personalized and effective options for appropriate remedial responses; a plan that employees will use, with results that benefit employers.

The Prevé Mission 

The Prevé Mission is to support the growing community of disease prevention and disease management-focused employers and employees through an effective, longitudinal personalized disease management and prevention program. The Prevé Program provides the most current, reliable, scientifically advanced laboratory testing, personalized lifetime tracking, medical expert guided education, and individualized disease management coaching to advance knowledge and maximize treatment modality.


Because many health risks do not have outward signs, knowing what’s going on inside organs and cells is critical for early detection and prevention of disease.


The Solution

Prevé Disease Prevention and Management Program and scientific advances in biomolecular research have led to incredible developments of numerous early disease risk biomarkers, assays and laboratory technology-based strategies. Lp-PLA2 example ReportPrevé is on the forefront of these developments providing advanced diagnostic testing that makes it easier for individuals

to know and understand their test results and make changes in their daily behaviors to improve their overall health.

Prevé has combined advanced diagnostic testing, educational resources, health counseling, test results, and support services in one, affordable program, Prevé makes it easier to empower employees to make changes in their daily behavior and make healthier customized choices.

It is estimated that self-insured employers can get a 4-1 return on their investment. According to The RAND Wellness Program Study (2014), Healthcare cost savings comes largely from disease detection and management programs; where most medical costs are found. 

Why Prevé

  • Advanced diagnostic testing and biomarker monitoring with a focus on disease risk and early detection of metabolic syndrome, inflammation, oxidative stress, and their preventive measures. 
  • Improves employee health outcomes of disease and precursor changes that predict advancement of the disease process. 
  • Personalized baselines and normal reference ranges that create a foundation for earlier detection of disease and   pre-disease states, while giving a baseline of comparison throughtout life.
  • Phone-based consultations and expert guidance with qualified health practitioners. 
  • Options for access to a Medical DIrector, Consultant or Prevé  Partner Physician.
  • Personal health dashboard and a safe and secure web-based platform for interpretive reporting. 
  • Detailed health reports depicting current and changing health status over time. 
  • Intuitive personalized and engaging lifestyle management tools. 
  • Access to support groups and educational resources. 
  • Support is available to enable and sustain employee health long-term. 
  • A cost effective solution to manage and even reduce healthcare costs. 

A Full Range of Customized Health Metrics

Employees that are actively engaged in improving their own health are more likely to take it seriously. Improved outcomes benefit both the Employee and the Employer.